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Snag Lists

A snag list is a list of visible defects evident in a finished property, and is an essential undertaking to ensure a purchaser is getting full value for money. When prepared by an Engineer or Architect or other professionally qualified person it identifies all reasonable minor defects in need of repair.

Having the snag list done by a professional takes away considerable stress from the purchasers as he/she is acting to communicate the snagĀ items to the builder. In other words they will act to demand a high standard of finish allowing the client to maintain a stress free, friendly relationship with the builder.

From experience the professional will know where to look for less obvious snag items as well as having the technical expertise to quote acceptable building tolerances etc should a particular issue become contentious.

For many purchasers, particularly first time home owners, there is a tendency to accept a less than perfect finish, assuming that the minor defects can be put right within a short period of time and without too much effort. The reality is, however, that once the house is occupied it becomes much more difficult to carry our such repair works. It is sensible to have it put right by the contractor as is the entitlement. In most cases the contractor will have monies withheld from his sub-contractors to ensure everything is completed satisfactorily prior to payment.

Common snag items (non-exhaustive)

  • Sockets fixed off-plumb
  • Skirting/architrave poorly mitred
  • Door saddles poorly cut
  • Sticking doors
  • Bathroom fitting/trim
  • Tile grouting
  • Stairs string/skirting
  • Plaster on window/frames
  • Paint splashes
  • Mortar dropping on paths
  • Poorly fitted gully covers/A.J Covers
  • Badly fitted window boards
  • Insulation incomplete in attic space

The list is endless and varies from property to property.

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