Site Assessments

Site Assessments

Before excavation of foundations, it is always advised that an Engineer would undertake a site assessment. Typically this would involve a desk study as well as an on-site investigation of the ground conditions.

A desk study entails a review of Ordnance Survey maps and geological data as well as an assessment of the proposed structure. Ground conditions, choice of foundation system and the nature of the building structure will all have a bearing on the foundation design solution.

Depending on the nature of the proposed building, it may be sensitive or tolerant of deflection, or more suited to one particular choice of foundation system over another.

Initially site investigation would involve excavating trial holes to a depth of up to 3 metres deep. It is necessary to excavate far in excess of the proposed foundation depth as weaker soils at a lower level will influence directly the performance of a foundation.

Where ground conditions are deemed suitable a traditional strip foundation will be specified. This is the case in many situations and presently little challenge in either design or construction.