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Bank Stage Payment Certificate

Periodic supervision is often required by the various lending institutions, typically a stage payment form would confirm that the works carried out at a particular stage of the build are in substantial compliance with Planning & Building Regulations. Many require a full Certificate of Compliance prior to release of the final drawdown of funds.

For those dealing directly with one or a number of builders when tendering a building, it is important to ensure that the plans and specifications given to the builder are in accordance with up to date Building Regulations. Many house building projects are undertaken with the builder having costed the works from planning drawings. In certain situations this can lead to disagreements and conflict. It is far better to have a specification and set of plans which are Building Regulation Compliant prior to tendering, this will allow for easier comparisons of building quotes.

For those going the direct labour route the preparation of post-planning drawings and Building Regulation compliant specification are even more critical in ensuring the project runs smoothly. The time, cost and effort given to  the preparation of this information up front will be of benefit throughout the course of the building and ultimately result in a higher quality of build.