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Building Regulation Advice

Building Regulations first came into operation in Ireland in 1991; simply put their function is to set out in law a minimum standard for the construction of buildings. The Irish system of Building Regulations closely matches that of the United Kingdom.

The various sections of the Building Regulations are:

  • Part A    Structure
  • Part B    Fire
  • Part C    Site Preparation and Resistance to Moisture
  • Part D    Materials & Workmanship
  • Part E    Sound
  • Part F    Ventilation
  • Part G   Hygiene
  • Part H    Drainage & Waste Disposal
  • Part J     Heat Producing Appliances
  • Part K    Stairways, Ladders, Ramps and &Guards.
  • Part L     Conservation of Fuel and Energy
  • Part M  Access for Disabled People

Compliance with the Building Regulations is normally ensured by adhering to  guidance set out in the Technical Guidance Documents Parts A – M. These guidance documents are regularly updated to introduce as required better standards in the industry.

An example of this would be frequent revision of Part L Conservation of Fuel & Energy. Recent years have seen a number of revisions to this section of the Building Regulations as a requirement for higher levels of thermal insulation, and building energy rating Regulations came into force.

Normally a Certificate of Compliance is carried out following a number of site inspections through the building process. This affords the supervising Engineer or Architect the opportunity to inspect important aspects of the work while it is still visible. An example of this might be the inspection of cavity wall insulation or damp proof membranes.